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Did you know that termites are everywhere. Except for the regions around the North Pole, where there are pockets of very ow or no population at all, you will find termites in the rest of the world.

What do termites do? Termites are like any other pests but the problem is they eat wood and cellulose as their food. Unfortunately, esp in the urban areas, the only prominent source of wood is found at homes and offices. As furniture, cabinetry, doors, windows etc are made of wood, the termites come smelling the wood and take bits and pieces of wood as their food. Problem starts when we notice this and before we can act, a huge damage is already done. off course if you are lucky, you can spot this way early on.

Decke termite Attack System, is like an insurance policy, you put if there to guard your home from termites. Contact us to know more or to get your own system. Kids and pet friendliness and environment is at the center of our product.

Termite Map Of World
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