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How It works- Worker ants work for the queen and carry bits of the bait back to the nest, urging other workers to get more bait. At the nest, the chemical laden bait is transferred between mouths of all insects in the nest, effectively infecting and killing every bug, larvae, and ultimately the queen. You place the Ant Coffins with it’s special chemical and sugar laced bait anywhere you want and wait for the Ants to come.

If there are ants around, they will smell the sugar in the bait and come to the Ant Coffins. You will see a lot of live ants but resist the urge to hit and kill them, instead wait for the ants to take the bait back to their nests.  Ant Coffin system kills ants and other insects as it disrupts their stomach and affects their nervous system. It also scratches and damages the exterior of the insects effectively destroying the whole colony in the process.

Ant Coffins is a great innovation and allows you to freely control ants infestation at any place you want. It’s portable and handy design with strategically places slots for free movement of ants make it a great product to use in your office or at home.

Just place your Ant Coffin wherever you like or where you see infestation. Sprinkle our proprietary chemical on to the cellulose strip & see the magic. At the start you will see increased ant activity. Resist the urge to whack and kill ants as these ants are taking food to their colonies and the whole colony will soon be consuming the baited food and eliminated soon.

Replenish the bait as and when needed. You will see the ant activity reducing over time and this is a good indication of the ant activity being reduced indicating that the Ant colony has been eliminated.

Eliminate Ants With Ant Coffin