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Termites are the worst imaginable pests because of the damage they do. Termites do a damage worth over $10 billion all over the world.

How It Works- Termites live and work out of colonies and make their tracks 4-6 inches under the ground. They use these tracks to get to your house and take bits of wood to the queen termite who then distributes this wood as food to the colony dwellers. DECKE Termite Attack Stakes works on pretty much the same principle. We set up our special termite traps with chemical laced wood, around the property. If there are termites around, they will smell the wood and come to the stakes. Termites take the wood to their colony and give it to the queen. The queen termite distributes the chemical laced wood to it’s colony members therefore eliminating the whole colony at once. Termites need to shed their skin every few days and our chemical prevents the termite form shedding it’s skin therefore chocking the termites in it’s shell .

Decke (meaning ‘blanket’ in Deutche)- Our Australian range of products acts as a blanket that protects your biggest investment, your home, from termite attack by eliminating the source. It is a unique, successfully tried & tested and patented product that works 24×7 – even while you are asleep.

All Decke products use kids and pet friendly chemicals so you can be sure that you can use Decke products around your home or commercial premises alike .


How Do Termites Operate