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Prevention is better than cure. We have heard this from almost everyone who installs a Decke Termite Attack system after their home has been infested by termites once and they had to call an exterminator who charged them through the nose to fix an issue which could have been avoided all together.  Plus the stench of those chemicals is unbearable. The chemicals are not good for you or your kids or pets to be around apart from the inconvenience of becoming homeless for a few days.

Did you know that there is no need to spray chemicals. Decke uses natural and tried and tested methods to make sure termites are eliminated at their source. We use a derivative of Boron (Boric acid) which to start with is environment, pet and kids friendly. Termites take the food laced with our chemical to the queen termite who in turn distributes the laced food to all colony members. Boric acid is also a chitin inhibitor, but what does that mean. Well, termites need to shed their shell every once in a while and our chemical inhibits them from doing this, effectively choking the termites in their own shell and killing them. Effectively this kills the whole colony at once and eliminates the source.

Control Termites Without Poisonous Sprays