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A termite colony can easily have a million termites in it. Following are the members of termites colony and these have different roles within the colony. Except the queen termites, everyone else is below in hierarchy and serves an important role within the colony.

  • Alates
  • Queen
  • Reproductives
  • Workers
  • Soldiers


Here’s a bit of elaboration of what each does

  1. Alates are the reproductives, they have wings and form swarms with reproductive termites form other colonies and mate in the air. They go on producing more and more termites which go on to become reproductives, workers or soldiers.
  2. A queen or a king is born after initial reproduction by Termites.
  3. Reproductives are secondary reproductive termites that mate in colonies and produce more termites within the colony.
  4. The soldier termites look after the safety of the colony.
  5. The worker termites, as the name suggests, go look for sources of food, which is wood, and go fetch it for the colony.
Termite Colony & Heirarch
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