Use Of Cellulose

When termites come to your home, they are actually looking for wood. Wood is the most abundant form of starch in the world. Starch is the main and only source of life energy for termites. Termites attack any item that has its basic structure made of starch, like cardboard, paper, wood, leaves, twigs etc. Unfortunately the tremites cannot distiguish between wood from door or furniture in your home or wood in the bush. ecke Termite Attack System, the best termite traps, uses cellulose to feed the tremites with chemical that slowly kills them.  It's a patience game, you don't want the termites to die there and then but you want them to take food back to their colony. Termites are looking for ways to enter your home so they can find some wood. Crevices in your foundation concrete as small as 0.2mm is enough for termites to enter. 

Termites don't eat food at the source but carry it to their nest. At the nest, the termites as well as the Queen-Termite distributes the food to all colony dwellers

DECKE Termite Attack System with it's strategically designed and placed entry and exit slots, works on pretty much the same principle. We dig our termite stations around 8 inches into the ground using out Special Digging Tool and set up the termite traps and with wood bait. If there are termites around, they will smell the wood bait and come to get their food. Termites systematically take bits of wood bait to their colony and give it to their Queen. 

The Queen-Termite distributes the chemical laced wood to it's it's colony dwellers, therefore eliminating the whole colony at once. Termites need to shed their skin every few days and Termite Attack System prevents them from doing it and in turn effectively chocking the termites in their own shell.

Cellulose Used In Termite Baiting System

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