Termite Baiting System In India

Decke Global Innovative Products brought to India one of the first termite baiting systems in the country. Till now the pest control companies have been spraying poisnous chemicals, mostly when the termites are discovered. In all fairness to the pest control companies, they are not innovators but te end users of what is available in the market at a cost effective price. The home owners also ask the pest control companies to only come in when they discover termites Once the termites get into your home, it becomes increasingly difficult to eradicate them.

Decke termite traps work differently by attacking the source of the problem. The Decke termite baiting system uses cellulose mixed with an active ingredient. the ingredient may be different as we use accordin to the regulations, for different countries. We use either Borax (preferred 8%), or Imidachlropid (0.1%), or Chlorfluazuron (0.1%) etc as per local needs and conditions. The chemical is only added once we notice any type of termite infestation on the piece of wood. The active chemical is mixed with the cellulose powder and cellulose powder is what the termites absolutely love to eat. It is actualy more attractive to termites than the wood itself. In some cases we see that the termites stop feeding on the wood bait and start consuming cellulose powder almost instantly. 

you would agree that unless you get rid of the issue at the source, which in this case is the termite colony or termite nest, the termites will keep coming back again. Decke Termite Attack system systematically feeds the colony with tasty poison and once the whole colony including the queen and the king eat it, they die and the whole colony gets eliminated.

First Termite Baiting System In India

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