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What to do if you don’t find any termites in your bait stations? Whole it is unlikely in the long run, it is not uncommon.

We spoke with a well known personality in the field of termite activity and buildings in India. He has worked extensively with termite baiting systems and has come up with the following observations.

  1. Keep the wood moist if it is not.
  2. Wet and sloshy ground is not the best- it should be moist so right after rains is not the best time.
  3. Baiting station may be filled with water.
  4. There may be no termites in the area.
  5. Termites only need 1mm space so there is a chance that they may keep their tracks between the 2 stations and get to neither one of the stations.
  6. If you think that there is absolutely certainly some termite activity in the area, you can also please put in some newspaper pieces alongwith wood- just to give some extra and differently tasting cellulose.
  7. Also if you think that there is termite activity but not on your stations, reduce the gap between the stations from 10 ft to 3 ft which will give us a better chance.
  8. Even when you find termite activity, you will see the activity in 20% stations where there is some activity so do not expect that you will always see activity. It is a wait and watch game.
Can’t Attract termites In Your Baiting Station?

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