Decke has a commitment towards it’s customers and country to reduce, as much possible, the use of poisonous chemicals in the ecosystem. Again Decke is the first one innovate and use this method using s special strain of micro-organisms specially developed for Decke.
So how does it work?
When we find infestation, instead of a chemical based poisonous pesticide, we use a specially developed strain of micro-organisms to eliminate termites in a natural way. Using one of the methods below,  microorganism spores (special strain) are added to the baiting station. The micro-organisms produces a disease in the target pest. The microscopic spores come into contact with the body of an insect host, where they germinate and penetrate the cuticle. They then grow inside, killing the insect within a matter of days. Afterwards, a white mold emerges from the cadaver and with a little bit of moisture present, produces new spores and infestation of the nest keeps going to eliminate if anyone at all is left.
How to do it?
Method 1 (preferred)
  1. Take 200 gms of cellulose bait matrix – infused with microorganism spores (special strain)
  2. Add 300 ml of water (1:1.5 Ratio)
  3. Stir well to make paste
  4. keep paste for 1 hour up to overnight for spore activation
  5. Add paste to top of infested bait station without disturbing the station
OR Use Method 2
  1. Take a fresh wood stick (has holes on all sides in it for chemical absorption later)
  2. Keep in a pan
  3. Add enough water to submerge wood
  4. Add 1 gms of microorganism spores (special strain)
  5. Keep soaked overnight (holes increase surface area for absorption)
  6. Open infested bait station and add stick to the bait station without disturbing old infested material

So why is this better?

  1. Pests serve a specific purpose in nature. Even termites do. Our method only kills the target pest and no other pests, worms or insects are affected.
  2. We use naturally occurring strains of microorganisms so we can keep it as natural as possible.
  3. The micro-organisms are in a dormant form and do not get activated till quite late. More and more microorganisms enter the pests and the fungal garden, the royal chambers of queen and get activated after a while and start to grow.
  4. The potential to kill the queen is much higher, with high efficiency and with high speed.


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Use Of Microorganism Spores (Special Strain) For Elimination Of Termites

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