Termite infestation can only come from Termites nest that are either: 
1. Outside the boundary of foundation of the property (intercepted by Decke In Ground Baiting Stations) OR
2. Under the foundation of the property (cant be intercepted normally- intercepted by Decke On Ground Baiting Stations).
Please note the following as a rule of thumb:
1. Decke In Ground Baiting Stations: ring fence the property you want to protect. Place stations 3 ft from the foundation and keeping 8-10 ft between each station; along the perimeter of the foundation.
2. Decke In Ground Baiting Stations: place over where ever you see any signs of termite activity (mud, mud-tubes etc).
3. We need to lure the pest before baiting it. Check for infestation after 8-10 days and treat as per the plan; bait only when you see live termites.
Keeping these in mind, we bait the area of interest.
Things To keep In Mind Before Using Termite Baiting

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