Termite Control

Many people call us on a daily basis to get termites in their home of office buildings treated. Once they understand how a termite nest works, they never want to go back to poisonous sprays again. Well they now know, 'what the point?'.  Termite control is a science and not just a method. They ask us what is the best termite control method or if we are the best termite control company. We think Decke methods are quite unique, and definitely unique in the Indian and South East Asian markets.

There are a few things that we reiterate again and again to protect your home from termite. It's not something that you may have done wrong, it could even just be a 0.1mm wide crack in the foundation, which is quite common given the  contraction and expansion because of the constant weather changes. There is a nest out there somewhere and the worker termites are looking for food. Unfortunately the termites find that crack and come in. If they find wood or cellulsoe, they will start to feed on it.

So here are some tips to keep yourself termite free:

  1. Keep moisture at bay, make sure the plumbing is okay because termites love water and moisture and there's more chances of termites being present where there is moisture.
  2. Keep plan, wood and leaf debris clear off the foundation boundary of the built area of your building.
  3. Do a visual termite inspection of your building every 6 months.
  4. Most importantly, if you see termites, call Decke Global and we will take care of the rest.


Termite Control

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