• Almost 95% of Indian georgophical area is infested with Termites.
  • All year round sunshine, giving rise to humidity & heat makes it a hot bed for termites.

Termite Treatment- Can I Self Treat Termites?

Many people try to self treat termites. It is not a rocket science if you want to treat termites yourself but you need to know what to do. Mostly you  need to know how the termites behave and operate. 

Do we think you need some expert or professional help? Probably yes!

Do we think you can’t do it yourself? Absolutely not!!

Most of termite treatment that happens in India is using the 2 following primary methods- these are called: 

  1. Termite medicines 

  2. Termite oils

 In all fairness these are termicides, some may be organic and ineffective but nevertheless these are termicides. What they may do is work in 2 ways:

  1. Surface kill that kills termites that can be seen on surface but may not kill the termites in the nest or the termite queen. When the termites see any other dead termites, they alert other termites and change their tracks. Basically they are laying low till they can lay another alternative track and reemerge.   
  2. Repel  termites by forcing them to change tracks to the infestation. This almost always leads to termites emerging from a different part of the property. this is because the termites have already laid their tracks inside the property so they wont just go away. 
What Are the termite prone areas in India?

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