Transitioning from a fast paced work life to an uncertain period of waiting and working from home is not all easy. While we don’t acknowledge it as much as we do with our social friendships, we do miss the social aspects of being with our work colleagues. Rightfully so, well we spend more time with our colleagues than with anyone else.

Not having to go to work seems fantastic from a distance; so one day our wishes are granted and that too multiplied by 21 days; it is when the reality strikes; I mean really strikes. Boredom and anxiety may kick in after the first 2 days of working from home. By no means it’s comprehensive and I am not professionally qualified like my wife, who is into mental health, but here’s a list of points I have put together for my colleagues. Plus as a head, you sometimes get the privilege to preach. So here it is, read on and see if you like it and take whatever you want to take from it.

  1. It’s easy to never switch off and get deluded between work and home time. Take time to plan your work day into smaller tasks. Shun that night suit, shower up and adorn your work clothes. It will make you feel as purposeful as you do otherwise, when you are at work. It will also demarcate between your work and family time, especially when you change back at the end of day.
  2. Mental heath could take its own long term toll. Keep yourself positive.
  3. Simulate work as much as possible. Preferably make video calls to colleagues. Definitely make more phone calls than emails. (I find the have-a-virtual-coffee with a colleague a bit cheezy but if that works for you; go for it)
  4. Have a voice call or video chat with that old friend you have been thinking about and haven’t spoken with in a long time. Life won’t throw many chances at it with so much time at hand. Like how it is today, amid this virus-death scare, hopefully never.
  5. Move away from that smart phone and computer every 2 hours, for at least 15 minutes. Play with kids if you have any. Kids have a unique way of dealing with situation at hand and not be too worried about the eco-system at large. Spending time with them is like magic.
  6. If you can help, preferably turn off your smartphone notifications and only check your phone when you need to. At this time betwixt high levels of fear and anxiety, both personal and business, every phone beep is a stress-contributor. Don’t pick up the phone unless you need to check it. World will keep functioning without you not looking at your phone. World functions at night (soon also include afternoons) when you are fast sleep; world still functions when you are in the toilet (gross but not completely evadable).
  7. Keep your fluids up, drink plenty of water. In fact take a water break every hour. Look around yourself and appreciate your life. Well you can either crib about it or appreciate that you have a roof and food; and you finally have time to yourself. Spend time with your partner, family and kids. If nothing else, catch up on that TV show that you have always wanted to but you could never find time for. Persnonally for me, cooking is a great stress buster and creativity enhancer, may be try it; you won’t be disappointed.
  8. Make sure to check on that ‘shy & quiet’ colleague to see if they are doing okay. Some of us need more support than others and most of us are too proud to say it. Reaching out to someone may be the difference between them staying put or moving towards a depression or worse.


If you feel under, do not ignore it. Seek help, speak with a family member, colleague of your doctor. It is important to recognize signs of feeling blue. Don’t wait and watch, just pick up the phone and call someone; call you parents, spouse, kids, anyone; watch a funny video clip; watch a stand up comedy YouTube video; but definitely do something about it.

So, here’s wishing you a successful tussle with jockeying this lockdown and emerging out sparkly at the other end; one fine day, when we have defeated the virus and when this is all over, we will look at it as an experience of a lifetime.

Till then persist and prevail.

N-COVID19 Lock down? Working from Home? You Should Be Looking After Your Mental Health. Persist & Prevail.

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