All you need to do is - place is where you need to:
  1. Open the DECKE ANT COFFIN and unpack the contents.
  2. Put the Bait Tray inside the Ant Coffin body.
  3. Put the Cellulose Strip inside the Bait Tray.
  4. Sprinkle the contents of Bait Bottle on to the cellulose strip.
  5. Your DECKE Ant Coffin System is now ready to use.
Place your DECKE Ant Coffin where there is ant infestation (or anywhere you like as ants can smell from far off) and wait. If there are ants around, they will smell the sugar in the bait and come to the Ant Coffin. You will see a lot of live ants, resist the urge to hit and kill them. Wait for the ants to take the bait back to their nests so queen ant can distribute the food to it's colony dwellers.

(Size of pack is 190mm Long x 90mm Wide x 70mm High)

How Does It Work

Ants live in colonies of 8000-10000 ants, with Queen-Ant as their head. The Worker-Ants carry the responsibility for fetching food for the colony members. Worker-Ants don't eat food at source but carry it back to the colony for Queen-Ant to distribute food to all colony members.


The ants can be being monitored live via the see through lid. over the time, you should see a reduction in ant infestation activity as more and more ants are systematically eliminated in the next few days.

Decke Ant Coffin- Everyone Needs It

Decke Ant Coffin Installation

Ant Coffin -  with its strategically designed entry and exit slots allows free entry and exit of ants that have come to get the bait. After finding a huge food source, the Worker-Ants also urge other ants to go and collect food for the colony. The food while being distributed by the Queen-Ant, is being transferred between the of ants (Mouth-Mouth & Mouth-Anus-Mouth), effectively infecting and killing every bug, larvae, and the queen. One of the interesting facts about the ants is that the worker ants eat liquid while the queen ants and it's babies ear solid food.

Ant-Coffin kills ants and other insects as it disrupts the Ant's stomach and nervous system. It also scratches and damages their exoskeleton hence choking them to death.

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