"we at Decke believe strive to make pest control so effective and safe that even kids should be able to use our products"

Decke is an online only Direct to customer DIY pest baiting products brand with range of products for our customers to manage their day to day pest issues with use of natural products.

Here’s A Bit About Us

Our Brand Story

It’s the machine operators who manufactured and packed, it’s the warehouse staff that made sure everything was in order, its the chauffer that drove you around, it’s the fantastic good hearted people who advised you along the way. Great people come together make a great brands.  

No brand is built by one person or a founder alone. Its a collective of hundreds of people putting in thousands and thousands of hours of work into building something phenomenal. It’s persistence, its perseverance, its tweaking, it’s course correction, it’s almost a work of art.

Above All It's Our Customers Who Gave It A Fair Go. we may Not Be Able To Solve 100% Of Problems 100% of Times But our Customers Know We Would Give It Our 100%

Direct From Our Founding Team

After moving from Australia to India for a business venture we had termite infestation in our own place. We had an idea of how pests are treated in Australia and we saw how pest control operators would indiscriminately spray poisons everywhere to kill the target pest. All we could think about is the poison going everywhere. We knew that these poisons would ultimately go to the ground water table and eventually find it’s way back to us via the food chain. This was enough to make us shudder.  

Being used to DIY methods for almost everything overseas, we were not able to find anything in the Indian market except poisonous chemicals. Having our own kids, being environmentally sensitive and having to deal with smells and contaminations; that’s where the light bulb went shining and we decided we want to come up with more effective natural DIY products that kill pests, don’t contaminate surfaces and foods, are safe for kids, elderly and pets,  and our customers can use more effectively. The golden rule was ‘even kids should be able to use it’.

We bought an Australian co with baiting pest know how and patents and started building upon it. We began speaking with scientists and target customers alike and after months and months of research and product development, we have come up with DIY products that our customers can use to take care of their pest issues without having to call in a pest control operator. Our customers love us for the problems that we solve for them. Great people kept joining us along the way and this is how Decke was born. Our bio-engineered funguses are much more powerful for treating pests than any poisonous chemical ever could.

We are an online only business with superior customer service that assists our clients in product installation and solving their basic pest baiting queries. 

We understand that when our customers buy our products, they put in a lot of trust into our product and brand. Our endeavor is to make sure that our products save our customers precious property, time and money and our customers get worth their hard earned money.