Bedbugs have flat bodies about 4-6mm in length. Young bedbugs shed their skins five times before reaching adulthood. Before that they need a meal of blood before each skin shedding. Hence they come out at night and look for human blood to feed on.  Our baiting technology is used in residential and commercial activity alike.  


Mode: Dry Talc Type- Sprinkle type ant elimination system. Sprinkle anywhere you see or suspect ants. Ants come to the sugar lure. Boron in the sprinkle is found in nature as salt. It disrupts the stomach and nervous system of ants.  

Boron doesn’t fully metabolize in pest body and when other pests eat the dead pest, they also get infected.

Active: Boron 


Mode: Wet Mist Type- Place some sugar, sugary fruit or other lure. Spray around and over the lure. Spray anywhere you see or suspect ants. Ants come to the sugar lure and take fungal spores on their body. Fungus is transferred between ants and grows on ant body. Fungus reaches the ant colony and food chain and all ants in colony are eliminated 

Active: Entomopathogenic Fungus

 Our baiting technology spreads ready live micro-spores that would stick to the body of bed bug and start growing out of it’s cuticles. Bed bugs would take food/ blood back to their nest. 

Spores will spread to all bed bugs that our infected bed bug has come in contact with. eventually be spread in the nest by the unsuspecting pest and would ultimately kill the whole nest.     

The fungus spreads a disease in the pest called the white muscardine disease. 

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