Decke Bio-Tötung Pre Construction Termite Treatment

Especially bio engineered microorganisms for pre construction treatment

just mix with soil and let the bio engineered micro organisms do their work. it's that simple

Only Decke Bio-Tötung can kill termites forever

Ever heard someone with a new homes say, “how did I get termites, I got a termite treatment before starting my construction”? Well they most likely used poison based chemicals that have already been washed away by the last bout of rains. More than spending their money and not getting the worth for it, they have unknowingly spread poisons in soil, killed other good pests, poisoned the ground water table and guess what the  poisons have also found their way back to all of us via the food chain. Worst part is the termite issue still stands. Well not with Decke Bio-Tötung.

way we do things in 2020

It’s 2020, here’s a new way of doing things. With Decke Bio-Tötung , specially bio engineered encapsulated spore, entomopathogenic fungus.  While the regular poison based pre-construction anti-termite treatment is effective only against subterranean termites and don’t protect against dry-wood or other termites Decke Bio-Tötung does.

understand your enemy- termites

This is what we need to understand- killing few termites here and there won’t save your house. A queen termite lives in a royal protected chamber underground is producing 30,000 – 50,000 eggs every day, yes every day, and that too for 40- 50 years of its life. So unless you kill the queen you can’t stop your infestation. There are over 2700 known termites species out of which around 350 species are found in India. The Odontotermes is the most common species and accounts for over 70% of termites in India.

how does Decke Bio-Tötung work

Decke Bio-Tötung  use of the natural occurring entomopathogenic micro organisms which attaches itself to the body of termites and causes a disease known as the white muscardine disease. Unlike poisons, when we spray our fungus, the termites don’t die immediately. In fact we want to keep them alive for a while. The fungal spores start attaching to the unsuspecting worker termites while they travel and take food back to the nest. Over the next 3-4 days, the termites go about their business and keep spreading fungus to other termites and fungus also enters their food chain. The queen distributes the food among termites and everyone gets infected. When spores of this fungus come in contact with the cuticle (skin) or are ingested (swallowed) by the termites, they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body of their host. Decke fungus proliferates throughout the insect’s body, producing toxins and draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it.

Once the fungus has killed its host, it grows back out through the softer portions of the cuticle, covering the insect with a layer of white mold (hence the name white muscadine disease). This mold produces millions of new infective spores that are released to the soil. Unlike poisons, a simple contact with decke fungus is enough to kick start and keep the process going.

What happens to the fungus? It stays in the ground as long as it can find another host body and keeps growing. Once it’s exhausted everything it can get its hands on, it will itself die or become dormant.

Some technical details for our fungus

  • Division: Ascomycota
  • Class: Sordariomycetes
  • Order: Hypocreales
  • Family: Cordycipitaceae
  • Genus: Beauveria
  • Species: B. bassiana + Hirstula

Physical Properties

The fungus comes in solid and in powdered form. It looks like talcum powdered. The spores in the fungus are encapsulated or protected are are waiting for something to feed on to.

Once the powder is mixed with water and added to the ground the spores are active and are looking for a host body, in our case termites. As soon as the termites come in contact with the fungus, the process kick starts. It attaches itself to the unsuspecting termites and other termites that the carriers come in contact with. 


Quantity Approximately 1 Kg per plot size up to 1000 sq yards

Mix 1 kg of Decke Bio-Tötung in 300 liters of water or part thereof and spread evenly on ground.

NO special equipment is needed, just a large container to mix the Decke Bio-Tötung and a simple garden watering can to spread it over the ground. Light pre-drenching of area is recommended to Decke Bio-Tötung can peneterate deeper into the soil and goes on covering a larger area.

When To Use

Use in evening time and at stages when

  1. Initial digging is complete and site is clear.
  2. After the foundation is laid.
  3. All wood that comes in for construction.
  4. After construction is complete.

Once your home is up and ready, relax, use the decke outdoor termite baiting stations to monitor if any termites ever come from any other direction.