Silverfish has an elongated fish like body and is of silver colou, hence the name. Silverfish feed on starches and sugars. Decke uses entomopathogenic fungus to control spiders.


Mode: Wet Mist Type- Spray directly over spider web or where you think spiders frequent. Fungus reaches the spider crevice/ colony and food chain and all spiders in crevice are eliminated 

Active: Entomopathogenic Fungus

 Our baiting technology spreads ready live micro-spores that would stick to the body of silverfish and start growing out of it’s cuticles. Silverfish would share food with other silverfish that live around. 

Spores will spread to all silverfish that our infected silverfish has come in contact with and eventually be spread and kill all silverfish in contact.     

The fungus spreads a disease in the pest called the white muscardine disease. 

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