Termite Baiting System- Australia’s Favorite DIY System Is Now In India. Eliminate Termite Nest Permanently Without Spreading Harmful Poisons

  • Technology used since 1989
  • Does not spread poisons
  • Goes into the ground or over mud tunnels
  • Intercepts & lure termites with their favorite food
  • Attacks termite nest with an active substance
  • Eliminate the queen & nest
  • Keeps your property safe

Termites- Understand The Enemy

  • Termites live in underground nests
  • They have soldiers, workers and alates - queen is the head
  • Queen produces 30,000 termites per day for 50 years of its life
  • They don't eat wood- but take it to their nests
  • They convert it into liquid
  • All colony members share it

What Does Termite Baiting Do?

  • Lure termites to with their favorite food
  • Not instantly kill termites
  • Feed a small dose of active substance
  • Let termites take more and more food back to nest
  • Let nest members have food
  • Eliminate the queen & nest

Why Cant Poisonous Sprays Do It?

  • Can't tackle the root case of problem
  • Only kills whats on surface
  • Cant kill the nest
  • Remainder termites change tracks when they see other dead termites
  • Termite problem remains as it is
  • Termite resurface after a while

See how we do it.

Remember that termites live in an underground nest with the queen as their head. A queen produces 30,000 eggs per day. Unless you kill the queen, the termites will keep coming back. Termites don’t eat wood but take it back to their nest for processing and sharing. Ask your termite service provider- can they kill the termite queen?

        1. Don’t just kill termites. We lure & Feed termites
        2. Laced food reach the nest & everyone in nest shares it
        3. Queen and all termites die- colony is eliminated
        4. You property is now termite free

So, what will we do?

  1. Inspect your premises.
  2. If there is any soft ground- put In-Ground Baiting Stations
  3. If there are any termites indoors- put On-Ground Baiting Stations
  4. Monitor and treat termites
  5. Make your property Termite free

Used by

  1. Architects
  2. Builders
  3. Facility management
  4. Homeowners
  5. Commercial buildings & shops
  6. Factories & warehouses
  7. Pre and Post-construction
  8. Food storage
  9. Horticulture
  10. Government 
  11. Public parks

We will kill your termite nest. Can anyone else do it? The answer is No!!

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Decke recommends the use of specially formulated Decke Auger Tool for installing Decke Termite Baiting Stations.  The special barrel in the auger collects the dirt for disposal later on. 

Using termite baiting station

Discovering live termites