Leave it to the professionals. We have been dong it since 1989 and we will take care of your termite issues for as long as you want us to. With new knowledge, products and new technologies, here's a globally used solution that will solve your termite issue in no time, long term and without any poisons. Give it a go today. You would be pleasantly surprised.

What Will We Do?

  1. Inspect Your Property
  2. Install Termite Baiting Stations
  3. Feed & Infest Termite Nest
  4. Kill The Termite Queen
  5. Make Your Property Termite Free

& You can keep the devices for FREE and FOREVER

Termite Subscription Rates

Sprays Are Obsolete

  1. Baiting is tried & tested for last 30 years
  2. No poisonous substances are used
  3. No harm to air, environment & water
  4. No harm to humans, pets and plants
  5. Sprays cause cancer & are banned in most countries

Remember: Termites live in an underground nest where a Queen termite lays 25,000 eggs per day. Sprays only kill surface termites. Unless you kill the queen, termites will resurface and come to your property.

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What Is Termite Baiting?

It's quite tempting to spray and kill termites. Unless you kill the nest, termites will keep coming back. Termite baiting feeds termites with a mild active substance, that will eventually infect the nest and kill the queen. Baiting will get rid of your termite problem for a long long time. Without poisons, smells or chemical contamination.

Baiting is used all across the developed world. We encourage you to research (Google) about termite baiting stations or 'termite baiting'.

Steps Followed To Protect Your Home


Currently available in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai & Goa .

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