Return & Refund Policy

We believe in choices and we understand that from time to time, our customers would want to return the products for a refund. And that’s okay. Here are some very generic T&C so our customers and us, we are all on the same page.

  1. Return always with 7 days from date of receipt of goods.
  2. NO return or shipping fees if product is faulty.
  3. in case the return is for aesthetic reasons or because you have changed your mind, we wont ask any questions. Seriously. But we do ask that you pay for 2 way shipping.
  4. We will refund you the cost of goods within 7 days of receipt of goods at our end.

Note: We do not store your personal information and we do not track any locations or IP addresses whatsoever.

We think you will like our fair go policy.

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