Rice Weevil Killer Decke Bio-Weevilator With 89% Weevil Mortality

Decke Bio-Wevilator Kills All Rice, Flour & Grain Weevils Using The Special Live Bio-Fungus Organisms

The rice and Grain Weevil Killer – Decke Bio-Weevilator

This type of weevil (biological name S.Oryzae) is mostly referred to as the rice weevil even though it is found in almost all types of grains. Rice weevils are naturally occurring and they just live in nature on grains. They get transferred with the grains as the grains move.

How do rice weevils look and thrive?

Weevils are 3mm – 4.5mm long, thin and with snouty nose. place their eggs in grains and the new weevils that hatch achieve adulthood in a few days and are ready to reproduce. The process continues. They need very little to survive, and whatever they need is present around them. They live and thrive in grains. Typically the wheat weevils are slightly longer than the rice weevils and rice weevils can also fly.  

Can I use home remedies to stop grain weevils?

All home remedies are temporary and they won’t work beyond a degree. If they were great and effective, you or anyone else won’t be facing this rice weevil infestation issue. You can use dry turmeric, bay leaves etc etc but they rely on a chance that the weevils would be repelled by it. They don’t claim to kill them anyway. The weevils happily coexist with these remedies. 

What are the known methods to stop rice weevils?

One of the ways to stop grain weevils is to heat the grain bags to up to 75 degrees centigrade and then freeze them for 2-5  days at -18 degree centigrade. This will kill the existing weevils. You need it then bag this treated bag in a plastic bag and store it in a weevil proof facility. Why? Because the weevils can chew through the plastic bags. Unfortunately. This also needs a massive infrastructure, cost of operation and manpower; you can still not guarantee a weevil free place. Can you?

Killing weevils using celphos or aluminum phosphide

Don’t do it. Stop and read this before you do. One of the other methods to kill weevils is to use the super poisonous aluminum phosphate chemical tablets which is actually banned for use in most countries. It releases phosphine gas and breathing it in is highly dangerous. Ingestion of aluminum or zinc phosphide by humans may cause gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage, cardiovascular collapse, neuropsychiatric disorders, and respiratory and renal failure within a few hours. Liver damage may develop in patients who survive for longer periods. It’s not worth it. 

Is there an effective  solution to get rid of rice weevils that wont harm humans?

Yes with bioengineering we have made it possible. Decke bio-weevilator can kill weevils naturally, in large and small settings, effectively by effect and price; and without spreading any toxins or poisons. 

What’s the Decke Bio-Weevilator

Bio weevilator is based on nature. We at Decke believe that nature has provided us with a remedy to every issue that nature has thrown at us. We just need to look for it. At Decke we have taken this naturally occurring entomopathogenic parasitic fungus; as the name suggests that it is parasitic and sticks to the body of pests. Our fungus is an approved strain form the B.Bassiana fungus. 

How does the bioengineered Decke Bio-Weevilator kill the rice weevils?

The bio-wevilator contains fungus spores that will stick to the body of weevils. The weevils do not necessarily need to ingest the micro organisms and just a touch is enough. The fungus sticks to the cuticles and germinates after 5-6 days. In the meanwhile the bugs would have met and / or mated with other bugs and spread the infection to others. It is like a bioweapon for weevils. Any bugs that come in contact start dying. That’s not all, the fungus spores will stay so other bugs can come to the dead bugs and eat them and further get this infection. This infection is called the while muscardine disease. 

Is this bio-weevilator rice weevil killer harmful to humans?

No!! No not at all. Our fungus is naturally occurring in nature, it’s just that we took a particular strain and cultured it for our use. None of our Decke Products are poisonous to humans, plants, animals or pets. There are also no major storage or transport requirements. Just that you need to use it away from direct sunlight and avoid exposure to extreme heat. 

So how do I use this Decke bio-weevilator rice weevil killer?

  1. Put about 100 grams of rice and/ or wheat in a small cloth bag and add small drops of Decke bio-weevilator rice weevil killer Fungus liquid direct from the 30ml bottle. Use approximately 15ml (half vial). If you don’t have a cloth bag, use a cloth napkin or any cloth and tie it from up top.
  2. Rub and shake well to spread coat the grain in bag with fungus .
  3. Leave this rice bag in your edible rice or flour container to feed the weevil. Check results after 5 days. Use 100gms of Decke bio-weevilator rice weevil killer bag per 25 kg of grain.

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