Top 7 Pest Control Ideas for Home & Office in India

Top 7 Pest Control Ideas for Home & Office in India

Whilst India is a market that’s always seen pest control as people walking into your house and bringing in cans of concentrated poisons and spray tanks; the middle class in India is moving away from poisons and going green, which is pest control speak essentially means shunning synthetic chemicals and adopting herbal and other organic products that would eventually not

  • Be useful and solve the issue
  • Be kids and pets friendly
  • Not contaminate
  • Be soft towards elderly
  • Not harm the environment

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Here are 7 ideas to do your own pest prevention and DIY home pest control at Home pest control not necessarily using the commercially available products but if need be using DIY pest control products:

  • Minimum Water Logging

Keep water logging around your homes at a minimum, especially in gardens and on concrete. This would prevent mosquitoes breeding and would also help in termite reduction.

avoid water logging


  • Use natural Boric Acid Solution

Use entomopathogenic fungus or natural boric acid solution in gardens to get rid of garden pests. This also helps in termite elimination.

Non Poisonous Termite Spray


  • Keep Kitchen Clean

cleanliness should be the priority

Keep the kitchen area (also dining) area clear of any food bits. These places are the most prone to cockroach attacks. Cockroaches generally come out at night looking for food. If they won’t find anything in your house they will probably go somewhere else. They have a huge access to a large number of places via the underground and overground sewer and piping system.  


  • Install Mosquito Mesh

mosquito disturbing meme

If you don’t have a mosquito mesh installed on your windows, it would be a good idea to do so as most of the mosquitoes, hence the home lizards come in via this route. This also invites spiders who generally live outside and weave a web and come in to check the woven web occasionally to see if the web caught anything.

  • Keep Doors Closed

Mice generally come in via doors and windows and like cockroaches, they would pretty much eat anything. Prevention is the best cure. Yes, keep your doors closed or have a solid mesh installed.

close the door


  • Keep the beds Clean

Bed bugs, they are a handful. The unseen bugger. They live on human flesh and blood. Literally. This may be the dry dead skin bits that fall off when we use the bed or simply fresh skin and blood that the bed bugs bite into when they find you on that bed. Best way out is to frequently clean the bedding. If your bed is in a dark and dingy post and won’t get enough sunlight; best to put your bed and bedding both out in the sun.

time to clean bed meme


  • Put your Clothes out in the Sun

Silverfish is one of those pests that show up when you are getting ready for a nice family dinner and you realise there are holes in your shirt. Yes, that’s the silverfish. The ever elusive silverfish. The only way to avoid this is to frequently, say at least once every 3 months, put your clothes out in the sun to freshen them up and to drive any pests out.

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Whilst this is all doable but seldom do we see that anyone followed all of this to the letter. With busy lifestyles, limited knowledge, apartment cultures and limited space, we often ignore these things. Global pest control industry relies on this fact of habit; plus it is ever changing and unfortunately going south.

Now there are 3 choices to make

  1. Do all of this above
  2. Don’t do anything but when things get out of hand, calling in those guys with poison; of course spread cancer everywhere.
  3. Or go natural and help yourself to Decke DIY Pest Control Products without calling in anyone or without the use of poisons

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