7 Best DIY Lizard Control Ideas That Actually Work

7 Best DIY Lizard Control Ideas That Actually Work

Lizards are associated with shrieks. Loud ones. Shrill ones. People are scared of these creatures. Most people don’t even realize that lizards are not pests but reptiles. Yes these guys are from the reptile family. They are pretty harmless and help keep the mosquito and insect population indoors and outdoors under control. In this blog, you will get to know the best DIY lizard control ideas that you can try at your home.

Agree they are also a bit creepy especially to the ones who are already scared of these little things. Lizard pest control is a major market but also one that is made up of poisons that kill lizards while these are reptiles and there are so many of them in our environment that we can ever get rid of them completely. And rightfully so because they also serve as an important balancing factor by suppressing the population of bugs. So why kill them?

Is there a way of pest control for lizards that’s not all that harmful? Perhaps a lizard’s repellent spray. Yes there is, but we won’t reveal it without telling you what all you could do in your own home. Mind you these are grandma recipes and some work and some don’t. But most work under the correct circumstances. Maybe the circumstances that the grandmas were living under when they devised hese recipes.


1. Pepper spray

Pepper Spray by mixing common home, white and or black pepper and spraying this on to the lizards. Perhaps it may work because lizards have a soft underbelly and skin and they have wide open eyes without eyelids so it will irritate them to a degree. Just that you need to make it strong enough to hurt you. If it’s not irritating you, it won’t irritate the lizards. We have tried extracting chilli and pepper heat with acetone but unless you are sitting in a la with a mad scientist, you wont get anywhere.

Pepper Spray to get rid of lizards

2. Cold Water

Cold water stuns the lizards and they will run away. Again a temporary cure for an ongoing issue.

3. Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onion peels and juice is supposed to keep the lizards away. In our experience it also keeps the home owners away because it’s pungent and after that the pungency turns into a rancid garbage like smell. No we don’t want that. Putting onion and garlic juice at every entrance and on walls and corners; it’s a big ask.

Onion and Garlic

4. Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are supposed to keep lizards away till these coffee beans retain their coffee smell in the open. Once the coffee smell is gone, the lizards are sure to be back. We tried it with fresh nominally priced coffee beans but we were not able to carry out the experiment for over 48 hours as we ran out of coffee beans within a day and  half.

5. Eggs

Egg shell and egg whites are supposed to eliminate an odour that makes the lizard realize that there is another predator in the area and it may be in for someone’s dinner so it avoids the place.

eggs to get rid of lizards

6. Keep Doors Closed

Keep your doors and windows closed so no lizards can enter the house.

close the door

7. Use Mosquito Killer

Use a mosquito killer so there are no mosquitoes. Lizards love mosquitoes and that’s why you see them around. If there is no food, they won’t be around for long.

So is there a lizard spray that’s  unique? Yes there is. The Decke lizard repellent spray is made using high grade capsaicin extract. Capsaicin is the white compound that you see when you cut open a fresh chilli. This is also what gives chilly it’s heat. We have a special process of extracting this capsaicin. Generally speaking we can only get 3.5- 4 kilos of capsaicin from about 1000 kilos of chillies.

Yes, just that much from 1 tonne of chilly. When you use this against the lizards, they get an extreme sensation of heat and irritation on their skin. After being sprayed on 1-2 times they start to believe that there is a fire or heat danger in the area; they would avoid the area and wont enter the area again. Hope you like the lizard control ideas shared here.


Lizard Control Ideas

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