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Affordable DIY Pest Control Products To Prevent Bed Bugs Quickly

This could be a bit controversial but bed bugs do not contribute anything to nature or our ecosystem. Bed bugs do not pollinate, they are not a source of food for any pest or insect and tey do not do anything useful, if anything at all, for any animals, plants or humans. You could essentially call them ‘nothing’.

Some scientists and researchers have previously argued that bed bugs could be spider food but then a spider may have a bed bug here or there among the choice of hundreds of insects that a spider can choose from. So what are bed bugs. Essentially useless beings that do not serve any purpose at all except to live, eat, breed and above all bite human beings.

Now there are a lot of professional pest control suppliers and professional pest control treatment companies that say they specialize in bed bug spray treatments but the reality is far from away. Stay with us for a few more minutes and you will understand it.

Where Bed Bugs can be found?

Bed bugs essentially live in carpets, mattresses, pillows, crevices and cracks of beds in wood. They lay eggs in hundreds and these eggs hatch to form larvae. These larvae become bigger and then start to look for food. So what do bed bugs eat as food?

  • Dead material
  • Human blood
  • Skin of Human
  • Human Dead Skin

Easy Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

That’s what they do, that’s all they do. They find it quite palatable. There are various home grown methods that you can use to partially control the issue but for any long term relief, you would need to do something drastic.

  • Heat Treatment

Keeping the bedding, including the bed in the direct hot summer sun for 10-15 hours; helps. Heat treating the walls, beds, floors, carpets etc is needed. You would need an industrial strength heat blower for that. Even the most sophisticated pest control operators don’t have it. In a regular setting this is better said than done.

  • Call Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Specialist

Another way is to call in a professional bed bug pest control company or get the same poisons that they use and spread it everywhere. Mind you! you would be sleeping on this poison for days to come. Would you like that? There is no need to answer that; we get it. My kids and elderly in the house sleep on it so I won’t want to do it. As it is there is enough poison that we ingest as per the safe scientific limits, it all adds up. I don’t need one more and that too an inch away from my face.

Thats all rant unless someone has a solution that fits. Thats good for getting rid of bed bug, that can be used around kids, pets and elderly. Most importantly something that wont spread poisons especially where I sleep. So the logical question is what else is possible?

  • Bed Bug Control Product – Non-Poisonous and Non Toxic 

Decke bio fungus is a live entomopathogenic fungus. It is a live spore and is non poisonous and non toxic to human beings. It only acts on pests. Just spray over:

  • Bed back
  • Under bed
  • Carpet
  • All sides of Pillows
  • All sides of Mattress
  • Walls and floor around the bed

This fungal spore is found in soil, it is natural and we have only multiplied it and used it to our advantage. The fungal love spore sits there waiting for the pest. The fungus spore is in a dormant form till them. Once the spores have made contact with the insect they secrete enzymes, which in turn dissolve the cuticle (outermost layer of the skeleton).

These fungal hyphae grow into the insect, feed on its body tissue, produce toxins, and reproduce. It takes up to seven days for the insect to die. Upon contact the spores will “bloom” and release more to repeat the cycle on other pest insects.

After about 8-12 days you will see a massive reduction and subsequent elimination. That too naturally.

Bit more about our live fungus Decke Parasitic Alive Fungus – Decke Australian DIY Pest Control (

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