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20 Best Lizard Repellent Sprays | Get Rid of Lizards

Are lizards disturbing your sleep cycle every night? Have you just completed watching the latest edition of “Godzilla” and come to your room for a good night’s sleep only to witness a creature crawling near your bed or on the wall? Do we feel it is more than enough to frighten you? Today, we will discuss the top 20 lizard repellent sprays, which you can review from here to remove lizards from your home.

In reality, lizards are harmless to humans as they don’t intend to fight against the most developed mammals on earth. At the same time, house lizards or geckos are not venomous, and they also play a crucial role in eliminating insects from our home.

A lizard repellent spray must be the first thing to strike your mind when the concern is about removing lizards from your home. Anyways if you don’t like having them on the wall, you can remove them with many techniques.

Lizard Repellent Spray Buying Guide

The following mentioned things should be considered before buying Lizard Repellent Spray:

  • Safety Concern – Pets and kids Safe
  • Users Reviews and Ratings
  • Natural Repellents
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Poisonous

1. Lizard Repellent 32 OZ Spray 100% Gecko Deterrent:

As lizards don’t harm you, you shouldn’t harm, and if you follow this rule, you must love this 32 OZ Gecko removal. It is made from natural Cinnamon and peppermint essential oils, which lizards hate to smell. It is also child and pet-friendly and will produce an earthy aroma around your home.

Safety100% Safe & Natural
About ProductLong Lasting Spray, Child & Pet Safe
Rating3.9/5 (Amazon rating)
Package Dimensions28.91 x 14.2 x 9.8 cm; 907.18 Grams

Lizard Repellent 32 OZ Spray

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2. Exterminator’s Choice Lizard Defense Spray:

Do you want to say goodbye to geckos? You can opt for this lizard defence spray from Exterminator. It is natural, safe, and great for indoors, gardens, and plants.

Safety100% Safe & Natural
Material FeatureLong Lasting Spray, Child & Pet Safe
Rating3.6/5 (Amazon rating)
Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil

Exterminator's Choice Lizard Defense Spray

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3. Natural Cinnamon Essential Oil To Remove lizards:

If you don’t want to opt for harmful sprays to remove lizards, you can shop for natural cinnamon essential oil and apply it on all the windows and walls using an essential oil dispenser to keep lizards away from your home.

Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Clove Oil

UsageOnly Suitable for External Use
Safety100% Safe & Natural


Natural Cinnamon Essential Oil To Remove lizards

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4. Decke Common Lizard Repellent Spray:

This product contains capsaicin extract that repels lizards from coming to the area. It is made from natural essentials that don’t harm anyone. Most importantly, the company also offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t get the product results. Shop Lizard Repellent Spray by Decke!

Safety100% Safe & Natural
UsageIndoors/ Outdoors
About ProductContains capsaicin extract
Pests Cover
Works on all soft body pests
Size Availability100 ml Pack, 200 ml Packs, 300 ml Packs, 500 ml Bulk Pack

Decke - Lizard Repellent

You should be careful while using this product. Here are a few steps to follow to get rid of Lizards at home!

5. Bonide Snake and Lizard Repellent Spray:

If you need an all-in-one spray to keep both lizards and snakes away from your garden, Bonide has got a perfect solution for your misery. One of the best advantages of this product is it covers large areas effectively.

Suitable AreaCovers larger Areas, Easier
Rating4/5 (Amazon rating)
IngredientsAll Natural Ingredients to Repel Snakes


Bonide Snake and Lizard Repellent Spray

6. Natural Peppermint Oil Spider Repellent Spray:

You must be wondering why we have mentioned spider repellent spray for lizards. Well, lizards love to feed on spiders. Hence you have to first remove spiders. At the same time, if there is nothing to eat, lizards would automatically leave your home and hunt somewhere else. You can spray natural peppermint oil on the top corners of your room to remove lizards and spiders.

Rating3.7/5 (Amazon rating)
Active IngredientPure Peppermint Oil
Eliminate SpidersDefense against all spider varietie

Natural Peppermint Oil Spider Repellent Spray

7. All Animal Repel Concentrate 32 Ounce:

Do you have Zoo-Phobia or fear of animals, or you don’t want them to be around your home? This product from Repels is the right choice for you as it will keep all the pests, insects and reptiles away from your property.

Rating3.9/5 (Amazon rating)
WorksRepel Animals and Stop Plant and Property Damage

All Animal Repel Concentrate 32 Ounce

8. Ultrasonic Lizard Repeller:

You don’t have time to spray every single window and corner of your home. You can use this ultrasonic lizard repeller to remove geckos away from your space.

CoverageHuge Coverage and Wide Application
Frequency Range10 KHz~65KHz
MethodPure Physical Method ,No Smell
Rating3.2/5 (Amazon rating)

Ultrasonic Lizard Repeller

9. Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray:

This spray from Gaurashtra is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing lizards from your home. The herbal also ensures that you don’t kill the lizard, which can adversely affect the ecosystem.

FormulaReal Plant Extract Formula with No Chemicals
PrecautionsDo Not Spray on Clothes and Body

Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray

10. Ortho Home Defense Insect and reptile Killer:

Are lizards and other pests destroying your rich flowers and pots in your garden, or are they bringing harmful diseases to your pets and childrens? You can use ortho home defence insect and reptile killer to keep your pets and family safe.

Rating4.4/5 (Amazon rating)
UsageIndoors/ Outdoors
Item Weight11.7 ounces
Batteries2 AA Batteries Required

Ortho Home Defense Insect and reptile Killer

11. STRATEGI Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray:

Undoubtedly, pesticides can kill reptiles but can also affect the growth of plants or damage your walls. Instead, you can use thai herbal lizard repellent spray from STRATEGI to protect your home or office from lizards.

SafetyGentle & Safe. Free of Toxic Ingredients
Material FeatureCitronella, Lemongrass, Cedarwood & Neem Essential Oil
Rating3.2/5 (Amazon rating)

STRATEGI Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray

12. KNOCKDOWN Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray:

Using hazardous chemicals to remove lizards can also affect the respiratory system of your pets or kids; hence you should eliminate the use of toxic ingredients. KNOCKDOWN herbal lizard spray gently removes lizards from your home.

ResultFor Best Result Use for Continuous 10 Days
Rating3.1/5 (Amazon rating)

KNOCKDOWN Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray

13. Oregamo Organic Lizard Repellent Spray:

You cannot take the risk of having dangerous lizard sprays around when you have toddlers and pets moving around the house. You can use this product from Oregamo, which sounds like a pizza topping but is one of the most effective ways to remove lizards.

Rating3/5 (Amazon rating)
Material FeatureHerbal Non Toxic Bio Degradable


Oregamo Organic Lizard Repellent Spray14. Magic Shocklines Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray:

You can use Magic Shockline spray at the places where lizards frequently visit to ensure that they don’t have to experience a one on one battle with them.

Rating3.2/5 (Amazon rating)
Safety100% Natural and Zero Chemicals

Magic Shocklines Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray15. Lizard Shield Organic Lizard Repellent Spray:

Do you love using 100% natural products? We are sure you would like to use this lizard shield spray where you get two spray bottles in one pack. They are eco-friendly and made from non-toxic ingredients.

Safety100% Natural Product
Rating3.3/5 (Amazon rating)


Lizard Shield Organic Lizard Repellent SpraySome DIY Sprays that you can prepare at home to get rid of Lizards:DIY Sprays to get rid of Lizards16.  Pepper Spray For Lizards:

Lizards hate pepper smell; hence using pepper spray to remove lizards from your home can be a great idea. Keep in mind don’t use pepper spray directly on lizards as it can kill them, and you don’t want your hands to get dirty right away.

17.  Neem Oil Spray For Lizards:

Just like pepper neem, oil spray is also one of the best ways to remove lizards from your home, garden, and office. Moreover, using neem spray will also promote a healthy aroma in your living space.

18.  Amgrow Citrus and Fruit Spray:

Lizards and reptiles hate citrus smell; hence, using this fruit spray can effectively remove them from your home and give a fruity smell to your home.

19. DIY Garlic Spray:

Suppose you don’t want to have time to wait for the above products to be delivered to your home, chop a few garlic and add lemon extract and peppermint oil. You can spray the liquid at all the corners and windows to prevent lizards from entering your space.

20.  DIY Onion Spray:

Similar to garlic, you can also use onion spray with lemon or peppermint in your garden to protect your favourite plants and flowers from lizards.Conclusion:As mentioned above, there are various products and techniques to remove lizards from your home. Still, it is highly recommended to go with natural options to ensure that you don’t affect the ecosystem.

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