How to use Lizard Repellent Spray by Decke

How to use Decke’s Common Home Lizard Repellent Spray

Are you sick of Lizards at your home? Are you looking for a non-poisonous and DIY solution to get rid of Lizards? Then you are at the right place! Decke’s Lizard repellent Spray is the ultimate solution to expel Lizards out of your home or offices. It is a simple to use and safe product for people in India. This product contains capsaicin extract that will not kill lizards but provide a heating effect that stops them to coming to that area again.

6 Simple Steps to use Decke’s Lizard Repellent Spray:


1. Wear Gloves and Eye Protection

Since it contains Capsaicin Extract so it is advised to wear hands and eye protection before use.

Step 1 - Wear Gloves and Eye Protection


2. Turn off all the fans and close windows to avoid wind coming inside and transferring particles

Step 2 - turn off fans


3. Open Decke’s Common Home Lizard Repellent Spray carefully as it contains capsaicin extract

Step 3 - Open Lizard Repellent Spray


4. Spray directly on to the Lizards. Just a Spray is enough to cause heating effect to the Lizards

Step 4 - Spray Directly on to the Lizards


5. Lizards will feel the extreme heating and will stop coming to that area

Step 5 - Lizards will stop coming


6. Wash your hands thoroughly after use

Step 6 - Wash your Hands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What is the best lizard repellent spray?

Answer – When the concern is about the best product to remove lizards from your room, you should go with Decke’s lizard repellent spray as they are natural and effective; contains capsaicin extract.

Question – What do lizards hate?

Answer – Lizards hate hot sauce, pepper, and citrus smells as they deter them; hence, Decke’s Lizard Repellent Spray contains capsaicin extract that causes heating effect to Lizards; forcing them to go away from your home.

Question – What is the best way to remove lizards away from your home?

Answer – You can use various techniques to remove lizards away from your home, but when the concern is about the best, you can go with a lizard repellent spray which is natural, safe, and easy to use.

Question – Is this safe to use?

Answer – Yes, it is a safe DIY solution to get rid of lizards. You just need to wear gloves and eye protection before using as it contains capsaicin extract. This product is now available in India!

Question – Do lizards bite?

Answer – Generally, lizards don’t harm humans, but they can inflict bites or attacks in self-defense. Therefore, you shouldn’t trouble them if you don’t want them to attack. At the same time, you don’t have to go too close to them unless you know it is a house lizard.

Question – Does this product kill lizards?

Answer – No, our product doesn’t kill lizards. You should not kill lizard. as you have alternate solutions to remove them from your home permanently. Instead, use natural lizard repellent spray homemade to expel lizards from your home.

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