7 Effective Termite Control Solutions that You’ve Never Heard of

Are you tired of trying various Termite Control procedures, yet no result is there? Do you search for more effective remedies, and nothing comes with a long-lasting solution? Well, termite controlling is one of the challenging jobs. It becomes hell living inside a home with the coexistence of enemies like termites. It is like slow poison, and sometimes, owners cannot understand how intensely the killer is doing operations without noise. And eventually, when you look at the condition of goods everything goes in vain. Get to know the best termite control solutions in this blog.

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What did you try so far to prevent termite colonization apart from home-based remedies? At first, the consultation with pest controlling professional agencies may bring a satisfactory result. But most of the time, it becomes costly. Besides, pest controlling management means a hectic task. It is acceptable for outdoor termite prevention to some extent. But when it comes to interior termite cleaning, post-work hazardous make the condition insane.

Bait Technology  – Termite Control

The best way of killing termites in the current time is bait technology. Just go for this procedure that will eradicate termite trouble out of your head, as well from your home.

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Bait technology is way more effective, and colony regrowth chances are fewer. The poison does not affect the target location and kills the termites of a specific area. But it is a strategical procedure that enters the prime region where the queen termite exists. The colony infestation would not be stoppable until the queen termite expels. This technology is effective and long-lasting where direct-liquid barriers do not work.

Termite Bait Technology to kill Termites

One should know that termites consume poisoned food such as wood, paper, cellulose in bait technology. Slowly the process outstretched throughout the colony to kill the queen. But the process would not work without a proper poisonous solution.

The best solutions for controlling termites of 2021 are listed here:

  1. Taurus SC

    One of the highest recommended solutions that work effortlessly killing termites. The popularity of this product is extreme because of various reasons, which are:

  • It works outstandingly in killing other pests along with termites.
  • It reaches the sources, takes some time, and kills each termite.
  • Professional agencies prioritize this solution for the unmatched result.
  • It is a non-hazardous and pet-friendly solution.

Active ingredient Fipronil makes the solution is a bit expensive compared to other alternatives. The effort-intensive application requires and is not suitable for interior termite killing.

  1. Spectracide Terminate

    This one considers as the best bait solution of recent times. The solution detects the complete colony that is not possible to notice at any cost until the damages happen. This game-changing product comes with numerous pros, and these are:

  • It quickly detects the colony and termite activities.
  • The hassle-free installation comes with an easy-going application.
  • The product requires no spray, as it carries through termites.

Proper maintenance is crucial for this solution, and it works only for mild colonization. Active ingredient Hexaflumuron causes water toxicity.

  1. Bifen XTA

    Bifenthrin-containing solution works much faster than other alternatives. It attacks the termite nervous system and kills them without any delay. Why go for this one? Check out here:

  • Works within 24-hours and lasts up to 90-days.
  • It works as other wood-eating pest killers, alongside termites.
  • It comes with a preventative and residual protection policy.

The strong-odor causes harm to the plant. So, be careful for indoor, as well for outdoor greenery.

  1. Terro Termiticide

    This solution works well for mild to moderate termite infestation. It is much convenient to apply, including:

  • It is cost-effective and odorless.
  • The application causes no hassle or headache.
  • It is suitable for applying indoor and outdoor.

The only issue is, the product never invades a narrow nozzle, and application in a wide-extended area is bothersome.

  1. Bayer 700310

    A worthwhile product for wooden structures that brings multiple benefits, which are:

  • It is a ready-utilizing product that needs to dilute before application.
  • Ideal for residential perimeter, as well for the lawn.
  • It works well for killing carpenter ants also.

The product has the power of killing geckos. So, be careful before application in the yard.

  1. Permethrin SFR

    This termite controlling solution is applicable for pre and post-construction. Other benefits of application are:

  • It is a pet-friendly solution.
  • The package is portable and lightweight.
  • It eradicates other pests and fleas also.

The application of this product is problematic without the help of anyone. So, some applications issue you may face.

  1. Decke Termite Control Spray

    Decke is one of the well-famed and accredited companies. It provides a pocket-friendly Termite Control Spray. The 10 Station Termite Baiting Kit of this company works outstandingly. This recognized name also brings the ultimate solution for other pests and insects’ treatment.

Termite Control Spray

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