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Need is the mother of all inventions; it ‘s always been true and it still is. Decke was born out of needs within a family. Few years back  when our founders had small kids, they needed pest control. But they were worried about poisons and contaminations. That was when it all came about. We realized very early on that pest control industry is a poison spray industry. The poison changes with the pest. so every pest has a different poison but effectively they just spray poisons.

So we researched and came across bio engineering solutions for pest control. Our main philosophy has always been use around kids and pests so you can imagine how we feel about poisons and it’s use. 

All our products are based on live fungal spores that are safe for humans but a major bio attack for pests. The micro spores attach themselves to the body of pest and and start sporulation after 3-5 days. The spores grow out of softer cuticles engulfing the pest in a mold like substance. The pest is diseased by what’s called the White Muscardine or the Green Muscardine disease. Although feeding pests speeds up the process but the fungus doesn’t necessarily need to be consumed by a pest – just a touch is enough.    

We realize how anxious we were when our homes were full of little kids, pest, birds and plants. With food sitting everywhere and kids eating off any surface; we know what you want. Our products are 100% safe – Guaranteed.

Indoor & Outdoor Termite Baits 20 pc Combo Kit

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I am convinced that my home is termite free after 15 years of constant harassment. I wonder why there is no baiting system in India. Thank you Decke & the wonderful customer support team that you have. I am in awe.
Rinni Sachdeva

If There's A Pest- There's A Decke DIY Product

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