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Decke A 100% Women Operated Company - Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Non Poisonous Products For Families.

We understand families. We understand pests. We also understand environment. We also understand a balance between the 3. Not all pests are harmful; but we have no hesitation in saying that all poisons are harmful in some way or the other. There is no safe poison.

A poison is a poison. If you are happy to press the trigger and kill everything that comes in its way; in the meanwhile smell these poisons, contaminate air, surfaces, water and food with droplets; without a doubt spread poisons. If you are okay with it because your pest situation is bigger than everything else then that’s probably the product for you.

Non-Poisonous, Environment and Pets Safe Solutions

We the women of Decke understand that there are families;   families have kids, families have elderly, families also have pets, families sometimes unfortunately have the sick. Spreading poisons doesn’t work. When we use poisons, we end up ultimately breading and eating it. Even worst, it goes into the  ground water table and finds it’s way back into our food chain via the food we eat. 

So there is really no one size that fits all issues. Mother nature made pests and mother nature also made remedies for human being so they are not adversely effected by pests. Pests are necessary to a degree, especialy till they are not harmful to us.


Why choose us to get rid of Pests?

At Decke, we women have found the perfect balance between pests, families an environment. Our products let oyu get rid of pests naturally, as nature intended, with minimal effects. Ofcourse we have taken it up a noth and made it more effective. For example borax salt found in nature contains natural boron which is a natural pesticide. The entomopathogenic fungus found in nature is a natural pest predator pathogen. It’s all there. Let’s not be so trigger happy. Let’s treat mother nature with respect.  

All Decke products ae made under supervision and license from Decke Australia Pty Ltd. 

We have solution for common home pests like the termite, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs, silverfish, rodents etc

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