Pest Killer Laddoo Balls With Boron For Ants & Cockroaches

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Use For Ants & Cockroaches- To be used in indoor areas.

Will drastically reduce ants and cockroaches the natural way. Contains 150 gm of natural organic laddoo balls laced with natural boron extract that the pest gets attracted to and gets eliminated in the process.

  • For indoor use only. Each pack contains 6 laddoos that can be used in part or in full as per need.
  • Place a laddoo anywhere that you see pest and let the pest feed on it.

How Does The Pest Killer Laddoo With Boron Balls Work

  • Bio-Engineering wonder. Non-poisonous and non-Contaminant natural fungus.
  • Just a small contact is enough.  Natural Boron is found in nature and is used in various household applications.
  • Just place the laddoos where you see or suspect pest. The pest comes to the laddoo and takes away bits of food back to nest where they share it and all colony members will die.
  • Boron is not fully metabolized in the pest before it dies. The dead pest are eaten by other pests hereby continuing the chain.
  • No need for nasty chemicals that are poison safety and contamination issue
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Ants, Cockroaches


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