Mouse Bucket Trap – Become Rodent Free

(21 customer reviews)


Multiple Mouse Catch Traps With Rotating Plate- Choose From Variants 9 Inch High & 15 Inch High

  • Free shipping (worth Rs.475 – being voluminous 33 x 44 x 33 cm)
  • No need for nasty traps that catch one mouse and shut.
  • Rotating Plate & Bucket Mice Collector With Quick Response Plate
  • Does not stop – Catches multiple mice in one go. Must for homes and warehouses
  • 30 seconds set up- Fill water to kill or leave empty to trap only
  • same day dispatch via Fedex


Mouse Bucket Trap

Consider the large or small bucket accordingly if the mice in the property are small or large in size.



Rat Trap Bucket With Rotating Plate

Choose From Variants 9 Inch High & 15 Inch High

Rotating Plate & Bucket Mice Collector. Does not stop after catching just 1 mouse. Catches multiple mice in one go. Must for homes and warehouses. Just place in corners along the walls and in corners as mice like to run along the walls.

The mouse trap comes in 3 parts; the mouse trap bucket and 2 x ramps. Place ramps as per the instruction and place food on ramps and plate for mice to come and get the food and drop into the bucket.

About Decke : Decke Global is an Australian company that sells DIY pest Control products around the world and give our customers power to manage their pest issues themselves without relying on pest control operators.

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Get Rid of Mouse by Decke Mouse Bucket Trap


How to Use?

This product is the perfect DIY solution for people who are sick of rats at home or warehouses. Here are a few simple steps to catch mouse easily:

  • Keep the bucket on the corners of the wall
  • Fill water to kill mice and leave empty with about 1 liter of water and 200 ml of vegetable oil to trap only.
  • Place ramps as instructed on both the sides of the bucket
  • Add some food items on the ramp
  • Now wait for the mouse to walk the ramp and trapped in the bucket

Advantages of Using Decke Rat Trap Bucket

  • 100% Mouse Free in Just One Night.
  • Catches Mice Anywhere. Shops, Factories, Warehouses, Homes & Offices.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Catches Multiple Mice in One Go.
  • Free Shipping.

decke's rat trap meme


Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions33 × 33 × 44 cm

9 In High, 15 In High

21 reviews for Mouse Bucket Trap – Become Rodent Free

  1. Amit Sharma

    Nice product

  2. Ritu B

    Works well

  3. Sanket Singh Wadhwan

    Acha prodakt hai. thek pakda mouse. 2 pakda.

  4. Lt Col J.J.Das

    The large bucket is better than small one. I recommend the large bucket. Lt. Col. J J Das, Assam

  5. Tonino J Sengmeine

    15 inch trap is way way better. I returned the 9 inch trap and got the 15 inch. Small trap is only ok for small mice which is rare in Raipur area.

  6. Shriya Mazumdar

    kam karta hai lekin mehnga hai. hum pest control operator hai. mouse ka glue pad use larte hai lekin ye zyada acha hai. lifelong ya long life chalega lag raha hai.

  7. Mrinal Pandey

    Expensive but very nice nice mouse trap. It should be made cheaper so that more people can use.

  8. Jeet Singh

    Are use the bigger bucket for mice. I don’t think I have any more. Good product Decke

  9. Sumanta Das

    I bought this product from amazon and then I brought another one for my parents home. We collected 6 mice the first evening. My family is happy with this product 🙂

  10. Thataku S

    worked well but I will only give 4 stars because it was 8 days late than promised

  11. Shokat Ali

    We have a farm house in Amravati that we go to every now and then. There’s also a grain store next to it where these mice are always having a party. This is excellent product and we catch a few almost every werk because of the large area. Excellent product. Five stars

  12. Sushma Trivedi

    Amaozon pe bhi hai lekin mehenga hai. so humne yaha pe loya. 4 din bad aa gay. God product.

  13. Justin Rajan Matthew

    We live in outback Kerala area in plantation area. We had a few mice that we got because of this. We also got a squirrel trapped (unintentional though) 🙂

  14. Boombastic Arun

    Very very expensive mouse trap. It can catch several mouse but it is very expensive. it is more for the large warehouses because only they can justify costs. Arun Kumar Dehradun Uttrakhand

  15. Honey Bajwa

    It is expensive but a very good product. We used glue traps and rodent cakes before but this is by far the best result. Thank you

  16. Vijay patil

    It’s too costly. Cost is not more than Rs. 500.00 with proper margin.

  17. Janaki Nath Wathoo

    I didn’t know we had a large rat and it destroyed the ramps. Thanks Decke for replacing it free of cost. JNW

  18. Nilesh Panth

    Got 5 mice. The 3 mice also ate 2 mice. lol. So I ended up having 3 by morning.

  19. Jannani Thakur Parida

    Very expensive you should not charge more than 1000 rupees for this.

  20. Shanker Gilhotra

    My kids had fun catching all the rodents

  21. Sanskara Vidyasagar M

    This is a wonderful product but only issue is what do we do with 4 mice all together. Being vaisnavites we wont kill them but we also know if we leave them far away they will come back. Anyway good to have something to catch them all at once. TBV, Kerala

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