General Pest Control Broad Spectrum Fungus For Spray (100 ML – 1000 ML)

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100ml of Bioengineered Parasitic Fungus For Generic Spray -Use 50 ml per liter or part thereof. Spray in evening or night only. Will make 2 liters of spray. 1 Liter spray is generally enough for 100 sq ft. -150 sq ft

Use For Mosquitoes, Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, BedBugs, Silverfish & Other Soft Shell Insects – To be used Indoors & Gardens


How Does The General pest Control Fungus Work

  • Bio-Engineering wonder. Non-poisonous and non-Contaminant fungus that is naturally occurring
  • Just a small contact is enough. Works with domino effect by spreading white muscardine pest disease from pest to pest
  • Grows on to pest body after 3-5 days killing all pests in the process with white muscardine disease
  • No need for nasty chemicals that are poison safety and contamination issue
  • Works on all grain pests. Globally used bio-technology

Use 10ml per liter & cover surfaces with fungus. Use only in evening & night.

It’s a miracle Bio-Engineering wonder. nature has provided for this fungus, we just took the correct strain and cultured it so we can bring it to you. Our fungus is not even classified as a poison. So no more nasty poisons that will leave residue in your food and ultimately reach your body; no more useless herbal formulations that just don’t work.

Our fungus is called the B.Bassiana & M Ansiople with a very special strain. It is a parasitic entomopathogenic fungus with alive micro spores. These micro fungus spores are alive and works in 2 ways. The spores are either ingested by the pest via the food that it consumes or attaches themselves to the body of the pest and starts to grow on to it. Toxins like beauvericin, bassianocide and others are produced. The fungus grows inside the host body which causes fungus mold to grow and ultimately causes paralysis of the pest. It kills the pest within four to seven days. It will also kill all weevils or pests that the weevil has come in contact with. It sure is a wonder technology.


100 ML, 500 ML, 1000 ML

1 review for General Pest Control Broad Spectrum Fungus For Spray (100 ML – 1000 ML)

  1. Jaspreet Babra

    Anyone who is environmentally and otherwise toxin aware and buys it, will love it.

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