Common Home Lizard Repellent Spray – Capsaicin Extract Based

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  • 100 Ml Makes 300 Ml  Spray REPELLENT. Spray Bottle With Stream Function Included.
  • Liquid Product – 5-10 Days delivery India Wide Via Road Courier
  • Can be used indoors/ outdoors. Acts as a irritant and deterrent.
  • Contains capsaicin extract derived from Assamese, Habanero & BJ peppers.
  • Use stream function to stream directly on to the lizard (bottle with stream function provided).
  • Sticks to lizard’s under – stomach area and feet and produces an extreme burning sensation.
  • Lizards stop coming to the area.
  • Use with extreme caution as it contains chilly extract.

Free shipping & COD available. Shipping within 24 hours (excl Sundays).

Note: Try on small surface area first. Water based transparent liquid but may stain wooden surfaces. Can be wiped cleaned from most surfaces.

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Lizard Control Product – How Does The Lizard Repellent Spray Work

  • Contains capsaicin extract. Wont kill lizards.
  • Capsaicin particles stick to surface and pass over to lizards feet and underlay of stomach
  • Lizards find the heat/ chilly heat extremely infuriating and they would stop coming to the area
  • No need for nasty chemicals that are poison safety and contamination issue
  • Works on all soft body pests. Globally used bio-technology



  • Extremely potent- Just a touch of it is enough if you have common lizards in sight, spray directly on to them.
  • Do NOT spray on walls etc hoping for lizards to pick up the particles.
  • Use with extreme care as it contains chilly extract and this may induce coughing, vomiting and burning sensation.
  • Wearing of gloves and eye protection is recommended.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • Turn off all fans before use and do not use in windy environments as the spray particles may come into your own eyes and nostrils.

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Lizard Repellent Spray by Decke

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Here are 6 Simple Steps to follow for using this product.

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Dimensions 22 × 12 × 9 cm

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18 reviews for Common Home Lizard Repellent Spray – Capsaicin Extract Based

  1. Singer Sulbha

    kamaal hai

  2. jhanvi Khanna

    super super super

  3. Satvinder S Chibber

    So happy I got it. Extremely pungent. It went into my eye as I was spraying the ceiling. It was painful. Can you do something about the extreme chilliness? But I guess thats the whole point.

  4. Rizvi Builders

    Good product but very pungent. Harsh if used incorrectly.
    Sam Rizvi

  5. shyam pasha

    I am so happy with this product. I had over 10 lizards and I was free. After about 10 days 1 came back and I spray again. Its been 5 days again and we are lizard free. Its a good repellant.

  6. Singer 22

    kamaal hai

  7. Rajat Channi

    I used it on house lizardfs , they runs away from house. needs to be careful when use. Very mirchi in eyes and nose. Use carefuly.

  8. Sangita Suresh Sawant

    Very effective product, lizards have not spotted again on my window panels after one use only. Thanks

  9. Maruti Kalal

    Kamaal hai

  10. Sanjeev Thakur

    Please send this product



  12. Prasanth Manikandan

    I am Pest Control Technician i have many Enquiries for Repellent if you can share me broushers i can recommend to my cudtomers or if you can send me the products i will sale it please let me know if you give me a chance to do

  13. Gangapuram jaihind


  14. Monu sharam


  15. A N KHOSLA

    Very good product


    Good product

  17. Manish Kumar

    Nice product….
    Worth of money….

  18. Aarav

    Amazing product. Results are Awesome. Must Try!

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